About me

About me

Art and illustrations by Maria van Bruggen


My name is Maria van Bruggen. I am an artist, designer and published illustrator with several bestsellers in my name.

After living in several countries, I have now settled in The Netherlands, where I live in a suburban house with lots of pets and of course my daughter and husband.

My art is full with color and reflects my view on life – “life is full with miracles, and should be taken with grain of humor”

I am a creative multi talent and am always busy with creating if not with pen, pencil, brush or any other media then you will find me behind my computer and trusted Wacom board.

I specialize in both traditional and digital techniques, and love to mix in between them, to get to a more sharp look, but I am always learning, progressing and improving and never say no to anything new that I can think of, therefore my extensive portfolio includes very much different themes, topics and techniques.

My work can be seen in many published books, several of which I am the author as well, and also in magazines and online articles and i have appeared in several licensing shows in Asia in the last couple of years and had successful licensing deals in China, Russia and Europe.

In the rare cases that I am not working, I love to travel to new places to expand my horizon and can be frequently found in China, Spain, Portugal or any other way the wind blows.